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Cobble Hill Puzzles - 1000 piece

We carry a HUGE assortment of Cobble Hill Puzzles in 275 piece Easy Handling / 350 piece Family / 500 piece / 1000 piece and 2000 piece. 

We will do our best to keep this listing up to date but please forgive us if we make an error as we have over 450 different ones in stock!

January 2023 - 1000 piece is available in:

Doodle Town- Hockey Town, Mount Rushmore, Toronto

Canadiana - Breaking Up of a Country Ball, Carmichael Collection, Red Canoe, The Watcher

Abby's Dragon, After the Rain,  Alluring, Art Nouveau Tiles, Autumn Bouquet,Bastin Bouquet,  BaristArt, Barn Owls, Beach Scene, Beaucoup Bouquet, Bicycles, Big Red, Bird Watchers, Birds of the Forest, Black and White: Animals, Blossoms and Kittens Quilts, Botanicals by Vemeuil, Breakfast Sweets, Bright Day, Brook Trout, Butterfly Collection, Butterfly Garden, Buttons, Cabin Signs, Cactus Garden, Candy Bar, Candy Shelf, Cardinals and Peonies, Carl Larsson, Cat Quotes, Cats Playing Hippo, Catsville, Cedar Waxwings, Ceramica, Chicken Quotes, China Hutch, Chopper, Cobble Hill Farm, Colourful Rainbow, Common Loons, Common Quilts Blocks, Country Diary-Summer/Autumn, Cozy Fireplace, Crystal, Cupcake Time, Deer Lake, Doilies, Dolphins at Play, Donut Time,  Doughnuts,  Ducks of North America, Dusty Plains, Edge of Town, Evening Birds, Evening Glow, Every Dog Has its Day, Extravaganza, Fall Birds, Family Reunion, Farmer's Market Trucks, Feeding Time, Fire Swords, Fish Pics, Fishing Cabin, Fishing Lures, Flat Iron, Flora, Floral Objects, Freedom, French Village, Fresh Water Fish of North America, Frog Business,  Fruit and Flutterbies, Fruit Basket Quilts, Ghost of the North, Grandma's Buttons, Grandma's Quilts, Hanukkah Cookies, Harbor Gallery, Hardy Boys, Harlequin Romance, Heron, History of Photography, Hitting the Road, Hockey on a Frozen Lake, Home is Where the Dog Is, Hooked on Fishing, Horse Meadow, Hummingbirds, Ice Cream, Into the Jungle, Jardiniere: A Gardeners Calendar, Koi Pond, Lakeside Cabin, Leading the Way, Library Cat, Luggage, Lumbering Along, Magic Tea Shop, Mama Bear, Martinis, Marvelous Minerals, Matryoshka Cookies, Mid Century Modern Dream Home, Moose Crossing, Moose Lake, More Teacups, Mountain Thunder,  Nancy Drew, National Parks and Reserves of Canada, Nature's MIrror, Nesting Eagles, Never the Less she Persisted, New Day, Orange, Owl Magic, Pie Time, Pink, Pink Flowers, Platts Pond, Popular Backyard Wild Birds of NA, Pride, Prince of Wales Hotel, Pug Family, Puppies and Posies Quilt, Quail, Rainy Day Stroll, Rapture, Raven Rendevous, Redoute,Ring Tail Raiders, River Horse, River Otters, Roosters, Rural Route, Rustic Retreat, Salish Coast Colours, Sante Fe 3751, Save the Bees,  Scandi Chicken Quilt, Scooters, Second Glance, Sewing Room, Smoky Train, Southern Pacific, Spirit of the Rockies, Spring Birdhouse, Spring Run, Star Trek-Films, Succulent Garden, Sugar Overload, Sugar Skull Cookies, Summer Adirondack Birds, Summer Birdhouse, Teacups, Ten Wishes, The Astrologer, The Golden Age of Klimt, The Good Life, The Lime in the Coconut, The Moon, The Nature of Books, The Planet Mars, Thomas Chambers, Three Kings, Thru Swirly Railings, Timepieces, Totem Pole in the Mist, Trapped, Tropical Cookies,  Twice the Love, Two For the Road, Unicorn, Vintage Main Street, Vintage Nancy Drew, Vintage Tins, Warm Winter's Day, Water, Waterbird Magic, Waterfall Dragons, Welcome  to the Lake House, We're all Mad Here, Where to Next?, Wind in the Whiskers, Windswept, Wine Alphabet,  Winter Lighthouse, Winter Magic, Winter Repose, Winter Trio, Yellow, Yorkies Are My Type