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ZWILLING Sommelier - 4 Piece Set


How to use:Place the foil cutter onto the top of the foil-covered neck of your bottle.Press the two semi-circular shells together so that the four cutting rings enclose the neck of the bottle. Twist the foil cutter around 360° so that it cuts through the entire foil enabling it to be removed from the neck of the bottle.


How to use:Place the corkscrew on the neck of your wine bottle. The rungs on the inner housing of the shaft ensure that the corkscrew fits firmly and securely onto the neck of any bottle. Turn the corkscrew, winding the spindle into the cork and simply pull up to remove it.


How to use:Place the decanter on your open wine bottle. When pouring, the wine flows through the integral spiral system and is thus perfectly ventilated, encouraging the nuances of the flavours to develop. The decanter allows for dripless pouring, while the integrated stopper fits perfectly in the bottle to give it an air tight seal.


How to use:Slide the two semi-circular rings of the drop ring around the neck of the bottle. The ZWILLING magnet system ensures that the drop ring quickly and conveniently fits the neck of every bottle. The washable black felt on the inside expertly and invisibly catches any drops of wine that may run down the neck of the bottle after pouring.

  • Includes:
    • Foil Cutter - 4 Sharp cutters remove foil from all bottle types
    • Cork Screw - Adjusts to all types of bottle necks
    • Decanter - Integrated sieve for filtering tartar. Integrated spiral for optimized aeration of the wine
    • Drop Ring - Magnetic system fits all bottle necks
  • All ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS products are fully guaranteed against defects in material and /or craftsmanship